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I Want To, But Do I?

You. Me. Them. Laughter.

One would conjure in their mind-

a belief that laughter' is the odd one out.

But that would be a mistake.

The odd word is Me.

Strangers striking up conversations

with one another.

Voices trying to get past the ceiling.

I'd rather not be a part of the foolishness.

That's not me. But I am so lonely.

Looking for a smile directed my way,

searching for a long-lost friend

as if I'm ravenous for company.

But after our eyes do meet, and avert-

I know better than trying to meet their gaze anymore.

Oh, finally a group of people calling me in.

But what are these strange words they speak?

I wish I still owned my solitude.

I'll try joining in. Don't leave me alone- again.

I'd better be alone again-

It'll just be Me' and My Lonely'.

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