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The poem is an extract from my journaling from the 27th of July 2022. I wished to submit a piece of writing for the competition but I was reluctant because I doubted myself. Procrastination, I recently learned, is a reflection of doubt. The best I could do is try. Those are the words from a friend whom is a former friend but his words still keep me going, perhaps i miss him. However, like i remember him saying once, things do come to an end, the "beauty" of it is to enjoy while they last.

Live in harmony.

The stinging and Zambak for the

left foot blister

Press lightly

Pin is being released and

as I exhale out I am satisfied

I am thankful at least for life.

My heart is pounding.

Regulate the heartbeat rate, I did.

Still fearful.

Highlight them and hopefully come out with poetry, I tell myself.


In harmony, may we live.

Sprout out,

for you have done well.

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