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Happiness Is In Bits and Pieces

The sole purpose of creating this article was to record my personal experience about finding comfort in the little things of life and a journey of self growth to inspire people.

Last year on a normal school day in August, as I was casually going through the daily newspaper, there was this one article section which I would normally skip due to its boring tenacity. Surprisingly, my somewhat drowsy eyes just couldn’t seem to skip this one article in the poets and thinkers’ section and since that day, I could never finish a single newspaper without going past it.

The article was a normal one, written vivaciously yet in a reader-friendly which had the potential to move one’s thoughts towards life. It started off by mentioning the normal human life as a package of sorrow, happiness, pain and the humdrums of a busy life, school, job, or just simply existing. We pretty much deal with a lot of stuff daily but it never came to our minds that even as every day may look exactly the same, it is not indeed. Even the most basic morning is never exactly like other days, there is something unique which separates each day from itself. How many times do we often look towards the sky and thank the nature for its existence? For its literal ability to turn a frown in a smile simply because it pleases the human soul in a way no kind of music can. As I was reading further in the article, I gazed over the time and it was 6:25 P.M. Just seven minutes into the article and it had already started to evolve my senses in a mystical way.

It never occurred to me that I have not shown enough gratitude towards every basic amenity, including my house, a roof over my head, a loving family, people whom I could communicate with and even when I would be having the worst day ever, it will be nice to know that I still have so many things to be grateful for, and the greatest among them all, my soul. I found my liking in the little creeks, the orange hour before sunset, bright water reflections or the shining leaves under the sun, it all instilled a kind of happiness which just couldn’t be explained but amounted to a great zeal of enthusiasm. Every day seems to be a blessing now, for I have the ability to witness every single color of every single thing with these two eyes, it being the red light of the sunrise or the magnificent orange light spewed by the setting sun, the glowing stars and the glowing moon of a beautiful world. The stubborn autumn leaves, while falling from the trees’ branches, boons to maturity by leaving its golden and orange imprints on the earth. How lovely is it to see how a random pattern of clouds in the sky has the potential to please millions of human souls without being altered by any means of unnecessary perfection?

Just the other day, as I was walking for school in the morning, a bunch of dogs were sleeping soundly on the roadside. It was around January and the sun was just about to rise when my eyes caught a glimpse of one of them. It had black fur and as the golden sunlight shone so ecstatically on him, it almost seemed unreal. A roaring vehicle awakened him and when he opened his eyes, the scared yet a beautiful shade of light brown encircled the black pupils radiating the light of the big star. If he had known that such beauty had ever seemed to exist, he would have been surprised himself!

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