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Goodbye Little Girl

A tide of gold hair flows in vibrant shimmering rays, its strands flowing like Sif’s,

golden hues of the sun kissing my sparkly mane.

A tide of gold fell over my eyes

I saw the God of mischief appear,

feeling the hot flare of his confident stride, his striking gaze blinding,

A tide of gold, gold of a God,

God is a man so he must want me?

To be loved by him is his gift,

to be touched by God.

A tide of gold is a little girls heart,

To hope, to want, to love.

A heart so good and gold,

screaming love me, love me!

A tide of gold came up to me

with a burning, blazing hand,

and grabbed my hair in golden glory,

dragging me into deceit,

to be no more a girl.

A tide of gold were my shimmering tears, as golden hairs lay on the floor.

Dripping crimson blood,

silent screams,

my beauty disappeared.

No longer was there a tide of gold,

but a stream of dull-hot tears,

whose little bodies fell from cheek to cheek, staining my tattered skin.

A tide of dirt fell over my body,

Fall, fall, Into despair, not a woman,

No longer a girl.

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