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Ego Death

I found a safe place to be inside my


I exist throughout the

continuum of time.

Time isn’t real, at the same

time it’s minimal,

continuing to breathe cuz

the afterlife is figural,

figuratively a physical state

of the mind.

We climb to heaven from

hell our whole lives.

Sins like greed, anger, and


Happiness, sadness, love,

it’s all trail and error.

The world is only a

reflection of your mirror.

Most are afraid to look a

bit clearer.

Most people are blinded,

by fear, by ego.

Your worldly ties in the

universe mean zero.

Your assets, gadgets, your

physical body, even


They make it seem like

gifts are for superheroes.

But we got intuition,

claircognition, freedom of

will and spirit.

And the most powerful

one that can be accessed at any stage:

The ability to change.

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