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Deep Thoughts

I was listening to an instrumental and words started coming to me and I started writing how I was feeling.

Looking out my window

Peeping the blue sky

Smoking on Indica

I think that I am high

Wondering if god can see me with that third view


Are you humans tired of all the lies

(Nah they ain’t ready)

Waking up wondering if I should even try

I wake up everyday in depression my own


I’m trying not to cry,

grateful for all my blessings

Learning my bliss and learning my lessons

Up and down emotions go (woah)

Namaste let it flow (oh)

Ya mind go so and so (go)

acting like sheep people

In my head on train rides

In my head in car rides

To cry is to be alive

To be alive, that’s a ride

Living in my head that’s safe

Laying in my bed half safe

Have you ever felt out of place

Living in my head that's my favorite place

Walk outside unsafe is there a safer place? Tryin

to find my way to the great escape

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