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Days of Innocence

Those were the days, now reminiscence

When I look back to the joyous childhood, I trodden by

Lasts in mind, but lost to find

Flashing infront, gazing at with teary eyes

Those were the vanished days

When I asked God, please pour rain for an hour

And wait for having a holiday blast

So I chitchat, enjoy watching Doraemon with Mom's snacks

Those were the happiest days,

When I look at the clock to tick 4 in the evening,

Rush to my house hurriedly, before

Heidi meets goatherd Peter between the chill hills

Those were the innocent days,

When I counted days, for my birthday to arrive

So that I could show my new dress all around and

Pick a friend of mine to distribute chocolates at school

Those were the precious days,

When I used to wait for my piggy-bank to fill

So that I could give gifts to my Dad on his birthday-

With his money, No! No!, with my pocket money

Those were the silly days,

When I felt sad to mention my friend in letter writing

So that the other one would fight for his place

And then we all end up with explanations

Those were the lovely days,

When we became parents by playing Mother-Father games,

And looked after children

When we found relations among ourselves and felt shy

When L wins in FLAMES

Those were the blissful days,

When the dark streets at night and hide-seek games

Left many memories behind,

Aunties around complained and my serious Mom

Turned my cheek red

Those were the unforgettable flaunting days,

With lots of friends and our innocent childish acts

I smile at, a bit with a little sigh

And cherish those for the rest of my life.

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