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Being Underwater

This poem is entirely based on my imagination of how creatures live underwater and each and every creature has it's own supremacy. Due to the rising pollution rate we are loosing the beauty of our ocean this poem also shares a message to humans.

I want to get lost deep inside the

blue waves,

I want to look how different

species live their lives and how

they are scattered into the

depths of the ocean;

I want to feel the different shades

of colors spread far and

wide by the coral reefs

I want to find my true self in the

blue magic which encircles

every part of this earth.

Dolphins and fishes moving freely

from one place to another

spending time with their little ones,

An octopus showcasing his

superiority by spreading his hands

far and wide in every direction;

For every creature in the ocean

understands its place and role

they have to play.

Oh! Humans why are you trying

to spoil their home, isn't the

beauty of the ocean and water

bodies important for you?

We won't let anyone destroy our

home but we are ready to

destroy these poor creatures homes has humanity gone for a

set back?

Life will become miserable

without our water bodies now,

it's the time to change and make

things right or else be ready for a

tough future.

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