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Autumn Is

Seasonal Depression; the seasonal sickness you wish you could fight off with a day off of work, soup, and DayQuil! Whether you are diagnosed or affected by seasonal depression in anyway, for a large portion of the world Autumn is the season of sad.

Autumn is...

Autumn is pointing to all the places you’re hurting

and having no physical signs of injury so you try to pretend you’re not hurt at all But you still prod your skin daily for an explanation

Autumn is looking in the mirror and seeing a waning version of yourself

Autumn is having defective patience

and rocks in your pockets to keep you grounded

Autumn is saying you feel off or you don't feel great so most people keep their distance

Autumn is manually breathing and not being able to fix

the chill in the wind that bites your face

Mirroring the wide smiles of jack o'lanterns but the movement feeling unnatural

Feeling like a vampire in the wrong months as you avoid mirrors and daylight

Autumn is trying to not make any big life changes even when your brain chants to flee

Finding security in the hands that don’t fear that you’re contagious

and hold on tight when you feel like a mere fraction of your late summer self

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