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At 2am

Written in the afternoon after a sleepless night. There's always so much, so much going on inside my brain as soon as I hit the bed.

After dusk, past midnight

When footsteps have submerged

Under the sound of sleep,

When the stars are merry

In the sun shunned camp,

At two am

In lieu of slumber, I grasp for distant memories

A dozen fresh tales hush in

Painted in hues of pandemonium

They dance to the thud of my heart.

At two am,

The known and unknown,

The past and present and everything else

They schemingly culminate into an anxious ball,

That ambushes and strikes my eyelid walls.

Yet again for the sake of it, at two am

I let myself entertain these wandering thoughts,

Thoughts that runs across with child-like glee.

Half past two, a wily laughter knocks on my head

For these sly ones have at last, alas,

Stolen my sleep away.

One sheep and two sheep, counting all the way

I am left pondering…pondering.

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