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An Ode to the Fairest of Allstars

Her eyes are glimmering chunks of caramel,

Set in a swirling sea of milky brown

Each amber segment brings more memories, fossils preserved from long ago

I see bright blue skies and melting chocolates

Shared beneath one of the big trees in Overton Park

I see rocky running trails heaving small sighs of dust,

as first one of her feet hits the ground and then the other

While she speeds ahead of me

I hear “Come on! Just a half mile left”

I feel my legs go numb from the exertion of the previous nine miles

And the chilly spring air,

But still I press on, firmly resolved not to give up until she does.

I feel her hands gripping my shoulders

When I carry her in my arms at her graduation party.

I remember her every time I run, how the soothing smell of her deodorant

would waft back to me on the breeze,

the thousand jokes and joys and laughter and little flirtations

That we shared

and I count down the days until she gets home from college.

And I wonder at what might have been and what could still be.

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