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A Moment In Time

She turned to me and said, "your aura, all rainbows and sunshine, it draws me in", that it calls to her. But lo and behold, the storms that were brewing within. And she looked me in the eyes, as if staring deep into my soul. Her eyes shone so bright they seemed to be reflecting what only she saw in me. They became a beckoning light of endless possibilities. And oh how the sun also shined as if affirming the light that I failed to see in myself. The look lasted only seconds but it seemed to have gone on for an eternity. A fire burning that will never end. Somehow the memory of it all was lost and yet deeply engraved in my mind. How pure the intentions. How sweet the love that could have been. But she looked to our feet and with a smile said "you smell nice, you always smell good." And for a moment she reached to touch me. Touch my hair. Touch my shoulder, or touch my heart but we were miles apart and all of me just out of her reach. So her hand grabbed into nothingness and she hugged it at her side as if the void had left it frozen. She looked down once more and when she looked at me again, she was resigned but made a last ditch effort to make me hers spewing sweet nothings of foolies, love, destiny and need that no man has felt before, of happy ever afters that never ended. But she had reached into the void. She felt the darkness that lay in wait for the one foolish enough to believe that the light harbored no darkness. And even though the sun shone bright, she could not see the cold that stared her in the face. A cold that burned as hot as the sun did. She could not tell the difference. And as she looked at me with a smile on her face, and love in her eyes, throwing praise after

compliment after praise, I only felt the darkness. I felt the cold. I felt the pain that morphed into fear. I felt it all except the love, except the sun. And her smile, yet once lost, now completely embedded in my being is now a spark I follow towards a greater light. - PBR

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