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A Little Bird

My writing is about the fear that we felt once in our lifetime or still have. It's a symbolic story. I write it in a way so that anyone can read and understand it, even children.

Once, a beautiful, adorable little bird was in a golden cage. A young lady found her under the bush when she was a weak baby. So, the lady brought her home and kept her. That bird wasn’t injured, but that lady wanted to keep to herself as she knew that bird would be pretty once she grew. She fed that bird, gave everything, and did everything for her. The bird ate three times a day and slowly learned how to fly. When she learned how to fly, the lady owner was scared that the bird would leave. So one day, her owner bought a small cage and kept her in it. Little birdie learned that this world was rather beautiful and a fantastic place, and there were lots to know and learn about the world, lots of things to discover. She knew this world was also cruel and dangerous; different kinds of monsters were waiting to destroy her. The bird was slowly turning into a beautiful bird, but she didn’t want to stay in that small dirty cage. She wants to fly and wants to make friends. She wants to see the outside of this room that she has never seen.

Day by day, she started to lose her patience and started getting frustrated. From inside the cell, through the window of her owner’s room, she saw other birds flying, singing, dancing, flying with their partners, and having fun, and not only that, but she also saw the sufferings of birds. Whenever she sees the birds suffering, she thinks it is better to stay in the cage; at least she is alive; what if she dies when she leaves the cell? She doesn’t want to think about it. She sits inside the cage thinking, dreaming about the freedom she wants, the life she wants for herself.

The owner started to go crazy with the fear of losing the bird. She can’t stop thinking about how to prevent that bird from going away from her. She wants that bird to stay with her forever. After a while, she got the idea to buy a golden cage so the bird would get excited by seeing it and never leave. But one thing she forgot is that the bird doesn’t even know what a golden cage means or doesn’t even know its value. When she brought this big giant golden cage, that bird got so excited because she had never seen such a vast, beautiful cage as she couldn’t even imagine such a cage existed. It was such a beautiful and well-organized cage, just like picture-perfect. Everything about the cell is too perfect to be true, and she got lost in it and almost forgot about leaving this cage.

Some days later, she realized that she got distracted by the beauty of that cage when she never really wanted to stay in it in the first place. She wanted to know about the happiness and sadness of life. She knew that there would be danger out there and lots of struggle too, but she wanted to face them even if it was painful or even if she had to struggle; she still wanted to face it. But she will never stay in that cage. She feared being unable to fly high as she’s been staying in that cage where she was not able to fly high. Somehow this fear started to eat her up, and she got tensed. She was worrying so much that she couldn’t eat anything and became quiet. When her owner calls out for her, she doesn’t move and doesn’t make any sounds. Now her owner started to worry about her. She thought her beloved bird might be sick and feared that her bird might die soon. She gets sad while thinking that she’s been alone almost her whole life, and now, when she has this adorable bird, will she die, making her alone again? She takes this bird as a part of her life. She thinks she will die if that bird dies.

One day afternoon, little birdie wasn’t eating anything and was sitting as if she was almost half dead. Her owner got up to see if she was still breathing scarily; when she was just about to open the cage gate, that bird suddenly tried to escape it and escape. She started to fly as high as she could with her weak body. She was happy to see that she still could fly so high. Her fear of not being able to fly high was no more. Her owner got frightened and was trying to catch her but couldn’t, so she got angry. Birdie doesn’t understand why her owner is trying to catch her when she is flying. When she wasn’t flying too high, her owner suddenly caught her and held her tightly. It was hard for that bird to breathe for a moment, and when she tried to escape from her hand, her owner held her more tightly, leading her to get hurt. Then her owner again locks her in the cage and shackles her. It was too tight that it was hurting her. She made sounds and tried to move from that pain, but her owner didn’t even look at her. She didn’t understand why her owner got angry. She wasn’t going away from her owner. Her actions have hurt that poor bird. She wished for once her owner knew her feelings and thoughts or tried to understand her feelings. She feels that her fear is winning, making her miserable, frustrated, and devastated, and making her angrier. But sometime later, she understands her owner’s feeling too.

But even if she feels sorry for her owner, she still doesn’t want to be in that cage without any doubt. She started to think about how she could get out of this cage and convince her owner or make up her owner’s mind to get her out of the cell. She even wants to find someone for her owner, so she doesn’t feel lonely, but doesn’t know how she will do it. She started to behave well, acting politely, and started to make sweet, soft sounds so that her owner would give her attention. She knows that if she does as her owner says, she could gain her trust again and maybe achieve what she wants. She fears that this pettiness gets her stuck here. She never wants to leave this place. Her owner started giving her food and taking care of her, giving her head pats as she behaved well. That little bird wasn’t a fool but wise. Whenever she sees birds outside the window, she makes noise so that her owner understands that she also wants to fly like those birds. Her owner noticed it but tried to ignore it for a few days. Suddenly one day, her owner opens the gate of the cell. That bird doesn’t realize what she should do. She doesn’t understand if today is the day she will be free from the cage or if her owner is only testing her. When she was trying to escape from that cage, she couldn’t as she was still shackled. She then understands that she can’t go far and there’s no way she can fly with it. Her owner was watching her but didn’t do anything. She became sad and was hurt by this, as it was all a test to see if she would escape it. She looked outside from the window sadly for a while, wondering when she would be able to see that beautiful sky. There were other birds that were chitchatting; some were singing and dancing and playing with their mates, and some were working on getting food or maybe trying to make a home for their family. It saddened her that nobody noticed her as they were too busy with themselves. She then entered her cage, which may be made of gold but a bed of thorns. Because of these thorns, it’s not livable, even if it’s made with gold or even if there’s everything that should be in a bird’s cage. By living in this cage, she was continuously getting hurt, which was more painful than those thorns were giving. Her anger for her owner grew slowly, and she started to hate her. She doesn’t want to hate her and feels guilty for hating her owner, who one day saved her life and gave her everything that might not be available outside. If her owner didn’t bring her home that day, she might have died long ago, or something bad could happen. She will always be thankful to her owner for doing anything without even asking for it. She understands that staying in a cage and dying is pretty much the same pointless thing, and it’s not called living if she can’t go outside and live a life like the other birds. She wants to find the meaning of life. Even if she had to die, she would like to die outside for something meaningful, but not in the cage. She doesn’t eat when her owner gives her food; she makes noises all the time and tries to break the cell with her beak, and by doing this, she even hurts herself.

Some days later, her owner got annoyed and opened the gate and finally freed her from the shackle this time. The little birdie was so happy that it flew happily above her owner’s head, making sweet sounds. By doing so, her owner’s heart then melted, and she was also happy to see her bird happy. That day her owner realized that this bird was not a caged bird but a bird that we saw outside and admired its beauty, and not only that, no bird should be in a cage. She thought maybe her bird also wanted to live her life, just like any other bird wants.

Then suddenly, she gets hit by her fear of living alone but also understands that this bird was never really hers, and she was living alone before this bird came into her life. This bird suddenly came and made her life worth living. She realized that she had done terrible things to her beloved bird, which is why she may never return to her. She felt guilty for doing all this, and then she opened her window so that her little birdie could fly away. That bird was watching what her owner was doing and saw that her owner had opened the window, but little did she understand that today was the day she would be free. She thought her owner would never free her but seeing it happening- she’s overwhelmed with joy. She’s been waiting for this day. She had been planning for her freedom for a long time, and now, when it was finally happening, she didn’t understand what she should do now. She flies to her owner and sits on her head. Her owner then took her in her hands and realized how pretty the bird was. Her eyes were in tears for what sin she did, and now she released her bird through the window. Her beloved bird was flying under the blue sky, looking absolutely stunning. Her owner was crying happily, and seeing this beautiful scene, her tears stopped, and her heart flowed with love. That bird flies away along with other birds, but she doesn’t get mixed with them. Because of her unique beauty, she stands out from everyone else. A few years later, one morning, there was a sound of tweeting coming through the window. She woke up hearing the noise. Half asleep, she moved the curtains, and when she opened the window, it was her beloved bird. She thought her bird would never visit her, but she did. She was so pleased to see her beloved bird. It’s her, that little bird that’s become pretty beautiful.

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