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A Letter to Thee, Unsealed

An ode to a long lost lover.

To what purpose, silent traitor, dost thou return once more?

A quiet murmur of sadness sleeps within me- wouldst thou walk me to the shore?

Twas thine own doing to let go, what meditation led thee aback?

Delve not- grant but an innocent consent to write a letter from the leaking crack

So shall be. Souse the pen into the blood ink of thy soul and come to sight never again

"How fares thine heart, beautiful, broken one?

Dost thou amble along the isolated roads, still?

Doth the weather emerge to thy liking?

Dost thou weep in the perfection of nights, still?

How persists thy mother's illness?

Dost thou smoke away the ache of losing thy companions, still?

How fares thine heart, beautiful, broken one?

Dost thou loathe the sweet scent of tea. still?

Oh, dost thou shiver at demolishing the walls of thine heart, still?

Dost thou sit under the somber sky and think thoughts of the unthinkable, still?

Dost thou miss thy beloved's fair hands braided with thine in glory. still?

Dost thou detest thy beloved's deed of departing thee, still?

Dost thou love thy beloved for the sake of eternal love, still?"


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