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A Letter to My Rapist

TW: Sexual Violence

Born in the weeds, grown in the dark

But still beautiful was life, a garden with flowers,

the soothing pleasure of the mud made me grow

You being familiar was unfamiliar-

Made trust a joke, made life a hell

Innocence was an identity once, pain a novel


I've heard people change colors, and you showed

your real ones

My fault was not the length of my skirt or my


I believed in humanity, a supporter of altruism

You built hate and sowed the seed of


Negative isn't about what happened, instead

the way one perceives it

The heart is clean

Mind is innocent

But still lost euphoria,

because of what you did

I lost freedom,

I lost life,

I lost happiness,

I lost love

Will the state of mind settle?

Will my identity be restored?

Will days of optimism again hold my hand?

My freedom is mine, not a gift to others

My hope belongs to me, none is yours

My life is mine; it is all mine

Forsaken on me

Abandon me for all peace of mind

for the life I have ahead

"Stop dwelling on the past and let me make my future"

my soul wants to scream aloud

A victim and a wrecker

A sufferer and an achiever

are enough to change

the wretched

The need is to change the hearts-

Fill them with love and fraternity

Expand one's way of perseverance

Guide my soul again to optimism and fill life

with colors

I wish you could understand the pain reserved for women

There were antagonists, but in a world opposite to real

There were heroes, but in a world opposite to real

Because people hardly opposed the act

The struggle is not just mine but one of a million dreams

A million dreams which will find their way and see

where they belong

I hope it's time to leave and see if your heart


There is a beginning of a new life, with a realization


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