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A Fragment Unfollowed

A poem inspired by Robert Frost's "A Road Not Taken," where instead of regretting a choice you instead remain stagnant and conflicted between choosing it.

A forked road fragmented beneath my feet

One went to the left,

the other to the right

On the left was endless cascades of crimson adorned concrete

On the right was infinite tiled wood that seemed to continuously repeat

However, they were all one and the same under

the immortal night

From my eyes, it was all just the same long dark corridor

But my heart cried out that they were very much

divergent at their core

My foot stretched out to the road on the right

But my hesitant nature latched out with all its might,

stopping me under the waning moonlight

I stopped and paused to think;

Northern winds began playing my spine like a harp

I stopped and paused to think;

The very essence of time around me began to warp

I stopped and pause to think;

Rays of the sun never passed as it was

overshadowed by the night

On the first twilight, the strings of my mind


On the second twilight, the fabric that is flesh

melted away

On the third twilight, the essence making up my

soul retract

On the fourth twilight, my heart was pierced and

I was betrayed

And before reality shattered into a single fragment,

I finally took the path on the left

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