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I had this image in my head of a bride and groom with their faces hidden by light, which got me writing and brainstorming. As an incredibly shy and religious person, I was nervous to depict the intimacy of the lover's kissing.

Here we are love,

Waiting to be avowed,

There I see you move,

Walking beside the rested crowd.

You look no less than any to be,

Whiter than a white washed bower,

As the brightness approaches me,

I see how I've cherished every hour.

Eyes staring deep, we stand unsheathed,

Our hands tightening, we stand shivering,

Smiles as wide as can be, forgetting every need,

We may as well be crying, already leaning.

Every prospect and memory blurred,

Shadow of one over all,

Before walking back the arched,

Catch me if I fall, further leaning with applause.

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