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Winter Competition Winner Portal


Congratulations Ink Bowl Competition Winners!

In order to claim your awards, please share the information requested below. All prizes will be shipped to your address directly from our headquarters in New York City, NY, USA. Further coordination regarding the package and tracking will transpire through email.


Your responses to the prompts below will be used to craft a multi-dimensional picture of you as a versatile individual beyond the literary and artistic fields. And, moreover, to provide you with the recognition you deserve. The specifics that will be displayed publicly on the Ink Bowl website, unless specifically asked otherwise, are as followed:

"About" the Artist / Artist Bio

Piece Description

Award-Winning Work

Shoulders-Up Photograph

Official Preferred Name

Education Platform

Country & State of Education Platform

Future Education Platform



You may also view the perspective page format here, recognizing the winners of Ink Bowl's previous competition.

Important Note

Some countries do not accept VISA gift cards purchased in The United States as a valid form of payment or compatible with the national currency. This will, unfortunately, render them locally invalid. If you reside in one such region, we will offer and consider desired proposed alternatives holding the same financial value. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Competition Winner Information Request Form

General Information

Education Platform Address

Bio and Piece Description

Please respond to the following prompts thoroughly in a relatively formal manner. Your answers may be minorly edited for coherence or formatting.

Minimum Word Count: 100

Official Photograph

Submit a shoulders-up picture centered around your face. Aim for a shot whose framing is similar to one used on a driver's license or ID, but can be more casual in nature.

Upload File


Please let us know if there is any information above you wish to not be shared publicly in the box below.

Literature Cover Image

Upload File

Writers: Upload an attractive cover image for your work. This may be as simple as a solid color or pattern and will be displayed on our Home page. You can also browse our diverse selection of usable cover photos here if you don't wish to submit one independently.

Thank you for your completion of this form and participation.


Shipping Address

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