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Al-Wahab (The Supreme Bestower)

Ya-wahabu Wird

14 x 19 x 51 = 13,566 dots

Year: 2022

Medium: ink, pen and gold leaf on archival paper

Diameter: 20”

Gallery price: 52,500/- pkr

Each one of us has their spiritual side, a bond which they keep personal, between them and Allah Pak. Each one of us has a different connection with different attributes of Allah. Reciting them makes our lives bearable. My work is based on a spiritual experience, which I believe everyone has gone through. Allah has designed each and every element of this piece with a very interesting math component. Inspired by his name MUSAWWIR, I choose to explore and engage with my journey based on self-made calculations started by a mere nuqta (dot). The nuqtas developed into calculated drawings of my connection to the names of Allah. All of these mathematical calculations are in praise of Allah and reinforce a belief that no one could ever understand his dimensions.


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