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The Things I Wish I Could Tell You

The things I wish I could tell you

How I feel about you…

My head rushes

my legs shake

You are always on my mind at the end of the tunnel of my thoughts

I like you.

My body is full of light when I'm around you

The light consumes me

I swear the world never felt so light

so whole and abundantly good

as it does when you look at me

I never craved something more

Than I crave the time we spend together

I go out of my way to find you

And everytime I do I find comfort

I know you shouldn’t be a comfort

But my wounds from the past make it hard for me

To not find another like him

You are my sun and I am trapped in your orbit

Doomed to spin around you but never near

For I am not your sun

I am merely a star

Something sparkly for you to look at

Something you can watch from afar

Not something you can love and hold near

I feel your gaze follow me

I find you in the most unexpected places

I want to be your other half

However there's a curse that keeps us apart

Despite how I feel the gears click into place

When I'm around you

When we smile at each other

It feels like the last piece of the puzzle being put into place

My minds like a flower

Blooming into a million shades of wonder and love

My mind can feel you getting nervous

And feel you close yourself off

Because the closer you get

the thorns that cover me remind you that I am off limits

Pricking you everytime you open your mouth

But I think my soul speaks the same language as yours does

So I continue to hold you close to

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