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Surrender To The Uncharted

The focus of this piece is on the ability and the decision to fight back- to let go of any bad or upsetting memory that makes you uncomfortable- something that hasn't allowed you to be as open and free as you can all your life.

My heart aches every time I think of you,

as crumpled as a rickle of soft wool, merely

hanging by a thread

Just as one lifeless soul on our precious earth,

I stand with trembling legs and dejected eyes

And a face as warm and pale as the

remembrance of dry rays of sunshine,

quiet like a burning candle with wax dripping

down like tears

From those dreamy yet clueless eyes

I light a fire in my once hopeless soul,

and let the sparks run through my fearless veins

For I have decided to rise from the ashes of the

fire that once burned bright

I stand strong with valor in my heart and mind

Vulnerability as my strength unguarded by my


For I have decided to surrender to the uncharted

And now, I declare freedom to my restless


As I finally close my eyes to dream of the infinite

once again

For I have decided to be unbridled

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