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Searching for Love

I wander the seas and the skies alike

To find an answer to the hole inside

My feet grow tired from my travels

As my heart grows grander and unravels.

Time moves on, years go by

I have no luck yet I try

This day is done, but still

In this loveless dark I cannot lie.

So, I search the stars as I look to the sky

Hoping the answers to love are way up high

And I search down below the sea

But I find instead the fountain of youth, still no luck just suffering for me.

I scour the earth and the moon alike

But the space between them, is but nothing to the hole inside,

My heart grows thin and weak

From the unattainable love that I seek.

But my hope is in tact

In fact,

I will still search for love a bit

From others that have loved

But now, they lack it.

I visit the broken, the sad, the melancholy and the mad

But none have what I need

Because the seed that will sow the love and give me the air I breathe, they can't provide and I can't reach...

I wander the seas and the skies alike

To find an answer to the hole inside

Love is love, wherever it pleases, it will reside

It is I, that is too stubborn and blind

Who cannot look inside

It is I, that love already within me that I cannot find.

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