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On Turning Thirteen

The whole idea makes me feel,

like a star.

A star that can’t sustain life.

Nor destroy.

Once invisible,

my life explodes.

Maturing me in the process.

I look back and see,

the calmness of age one;

the inclusiveness at age three.

I look back and see;

The wonder in my eyes at age five;

and the fable-like simplicity of age nine.

As age twelve slips from my life,

I see darkness in my soon to be age.

Even if thirteen brings money, fame, adoration, and love;

I know that darkness will soon follow.

My universe isn’t filled with;

the twinkle of older friends.

For I know,

That twinkle also meant the slow arrival,

of death.

As the trail of light behind stands frozen.

This is the end of rosy cheeks

and the labored breath from the game of tag.

This is the beginning of looking at life.

With wisdom and love.

It seems like yesterday was my day of anxious waiting,

for thirteen.

But now that it’s here it fades the meaning of


And grants me.


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