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My Last One to Die

I am mocked for being deluded by the superstitions regarding the power of celestial bodies to communicate my wishes to the Ultimate Power. Undeniably, the hope of my wishes being fulfilled keeps me alive and hence it becoming the last one to die.

Fortuitous sighting of the shooting star

Fading belief in recovering from the scar

Progression from wanting something to craving it

Inevitable was the longing before leaving it

Chains of delusions regarding acceptance of prayers

Dissembled logic from blowing off my final (hope) flairs

Star-gazing became secondary, the day I thought

A dead meteoroid could communicate my wishes to superlunary

Being rare was not associated with sighting shooting stars

Let me accept, it just wasn't witten in my stars (Kismet)

Months of desperation caused this to be recognized

Deliberate was persecution of all my unfulfilled desires-genocide

Necessity justifies its immorality

Yet incriminated myself for brutality

Seeking justice, remains of the demised secretively spy

Obstinate! Sighting a shooting star will forever be my last one to die

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