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Here the poet views God as Love. In the first stanza he describe that God is powerful than any turmoil of life. Second stanza the poet shows the profound of God's Love; it only require a reflective soul. In the last stanza, he realize God is in man.

O Love! Thy stillness,

In the silence of heart whispered deep:

Like gentle ripples

Awaken big dreams from slumber sleep;

Rays of Golden kiss,

Across turmoil waves endlessly sweep.

Darkness' lullaby,

Seems to emerge in thy dotting light.

Sit awhile, in it

Soul reflects. Thou art in darkest night;

Thou speak thousand words,

As stars in lonely sky, thou shine bright.

Love thou art here,

Thy truest you is my fellow men.

Apart from this truth

My mind cannot grasp that furthest end.

Words will make no sense,

Even if another Christ is send.

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